26 October 2008

an exercise in period dining

It was my father-in-law's birthday this weekend.

And as usual, we had some guests over, family and friends, for a nice evening all together.

We usually try to have something like a motto going for these birthday parties, and this year we went for a classic sixties buffet. An exercise in period dining, so to speak.

Admittedly, we weren't too scientific when it came about re-creating the things our parents and in-laws remembered from that time. But we came up with a lot of stuff that was plain fun to make, and actually quite pretty (if a little odd) to look at.

There was nothing much noteworthy in terms of recipes, as most of this is nifty decoration. But I definitely know now that I really, really do not like caraway schnaps with preserved plums.
I have learned, though, that I can dig in quite a lot of raw minced spiced porc with onions, and that it is called (quite fittingly, I think) 'German sushi' by the Japanese co-workers of a friend of ours. (So little surprise here that I like it.)

As you can guess, it was a really nice evening, and dinner was (once again) a nice talking point to get things started.

I just wonder what we are going to do next year...


Anonymous said...

Hallo lieber Co-Koch, der Igel guckte sooo niedlich, eigentlich zu schade zum aufessen. Die Fotos sind sehr "lebensecht", ya se me hace agua la bocca! Tschüüüüs

Reuben Morningchilde said...

Stimmt, der Igel war fast zu schade zum Essen...
Danke für den Kommentar!