30 July 2010

almost indecent

Preparing for our summer party usually involves me trying countless new ways of feeding the masses while hopefully adding some excitement and reducing my workload. This year, I dusted off my recipe for quiche that I hadn't been using since my highschool days and tried making it 'presentable'.

As it nears august, the first chanterelles appear on the markets, and upon seeing a particularly nice batch, I decided to make a 'quiche aux chanterelles'.

The results were nice, but nothing overly memorable. We decided I would make a plain version with nothing but scallions and bacon for the party. What could possibly be wrong with that?
On the other hand, the liver terrine turned out a real stunner and will become a separate post one of these days. Believe me, it's almost indecent with how little work you get such impressively tasty results.

16 July 2010

like a river pebble

There is a sweltering heat hanging over Germany since several weeks now. After one of the longest and coldest winters I can remember, this already feels like one of the longest hot stretches in my life.

Not that I am complaining, mind you. Actually, I feel great in this weather, and I can sleep like a little river pebble at night.

Only thing is - I can hardly eat anything. There's so many nice things to cook, but hardly anything is worth writing about.

Grilled goat cheese and fresh tomatoes on bread - who needs a recipe for that?

One day, we tried a lemon cream. It turned out okayish, but really not anything I could brag with.

Of course, I've been baking bread. Lots of it, each weekend. But that's really old news to you, is it?

As I've already mentioned, we slice and freeze the bread for convenient use over the following week, and I thought, that's one picture I haven't uploaded yet. So, here's lots of sliced bread ready for freezing.

But already, our annual summer party is looming at the horizon, with the whole family planning what's to eat and how to organize things. It'll be a comparatively small affair this year, only 40 people or so, but one we're genuinely looking forward to.

And, most importantly, it'll bring a whole lotta new cooking experiments to this site.