23 February 2009

a perfect little treat

This is not much of a recipe, just a note and a few pictures to let you see what we have been up to.

The weekend was busy and relaxing as weekends should be, and of course we had to have some kind of treat to go with our tea on sunday afternoon. This time, the wife wished for 'her' banana cake, and it once again turned out quite lovely.

It's nothing but a shortbread pastry case filled with sliced fresh bananas and topped with a thick, dark chocolate ganache. So, for a pastry base of 30 cm in diametre I use 200g of cream and 200g of dark (65%) chocolate to make a ganache of the proper texture. The wife is very discerning in that regard.

This cake is crisp and creamy at the same time, the rather bitter chocolate a very welcome foil for the mellow sweetness of the bananas. Cool out of the fridge, it is just a perfect little treat when you are looking for something sweet and indulgent but not too heavy or fussy to prepare.

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