15 June 2009

naturally more annoyed

Last weekend, I had actually planned on posting about our 'Riz al Aldalus', the dish that passes as paella in our household.

Unfortunately, it was also the weekend that my old computer kind of decided to finally quit his post and the new one was acting up a complete *bleep*. Which of course didn't do any real harm but ruining my plans for the weekend, and actually getting my so annoyed that I completely forgot taking any pictures of the food. Which in turn got me even more annoyed, naturally.

As there is little to no point in posting recipes without pictures in my eyes, I decided to make up for this miserable failure by posting an old picture of my gambas con aioli that I found while installing the new computer.

Nothing new, I know, but it is a nice picture of a lovely meal and a nice memory of a lovely evening. See, I am feel much better already.

And as I will surely make the 'Riz al Aldalus' again one of these days, there'll be more than enough opportunities to post it here properly.

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