11 January 2010

a little more muscled

In a very rare occurance, my hometown got some proper snow this year. Usually, it is just enough to make everything muddy, but now it's winter wonderland all around. Here, have a look at some pictures in the local newspaper. It's really, really beautiful here currently.

Apart from that, I have been busy baking bread, training myself to get a better handling on the dough and training my sourdough starter to become a little more muscled.

And thanks to the adorable Shiao Ping and her generous sharing of knowledge, this weekend's Tourte de Meule almost burst its container during retard.

This happened even despite the fact that I had cut down the dry yeast to a few grains instead of two teaspoons I would have usually added. Normally, this box would have hardly been half-full in the morning, and now look at this.

Thanks a ton, Shiao Ping!
Now I have to go buy bigger retarding boxes...

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Anonymous said...

Exciting! I love it when the starter means business!