19 April 2010

ad hoc springtime adventures

This has been a wondrously sunny, unexpectedly warm and summerly weekend. After a long and cold winter, spring has returned full force to Hessian Siberia.

The buttercups along our little (artificial) creek are flowering.

As are the muscarii.

Weather forecast hadn't been that good for sunday evening, but when everyone around us started firing up their grills, we couldn't resist.

On very short notice, my lovely wife and I scoured fridge, freezer and larder for anything you could put on a grill. We repurposed the porc cutlets that should have become 'Schnitzel' at some point this week, marinated and filled them. Some remaining leaves of wild garlic chopped and mixed with equally leftover ricotta turned into a surprisingly delicious dip.

In short - it took us about an hour to make a new plan for dinner and actually make it. And it was fun. I so love my wife right now for being able to join me in such ad hoc adventures and have as much fun as I did. Thanks for the wonderful weekend, love!

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