30 July 2010

almost indecent

Preparing for our summer party usually involves me trying countless new ways of feeding the masses while hopefully adding some excitement and reducing my workload. This year, I dusted off my recipe for quiche that I hadn't been using since my highschool days and tried making it 'presentable'.

As it nears august, the first chanterelles appear on the markets, and upon seeing a particularly nice batch, I decided to make a 'quiche aux chanterelles'.

The results were nice, but nothing overly memorable. We decided I would make a plain version with nothing but scallions and bacon for the party. What could possibly be wrong with that?
On the other hand, the liver terrine turned out a real stunner and will become a separate post one of these days. Believe me, it's almost indecent with how little work you get such impressively tasty results.


jcarsi said...

will be waiting for your post on the liver terrine...I can just imagine smearing some on toasted french bread. Yummy!

Marcus Hollman said...

Your photo has been included in wordhigh.com Web Buffet, as seen in Ark Old State House Museum Links List '10

'A savior we can all agree on,
is savoring the moment.'

Marcus Hollman
- The Centered Party
- My Collected Truisms/Averisms

Haidée said...

your food looks amazing,impressed me and my mum :), shes going to cook me some yummy food yaya :)

joven said...

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