10 September 2008

Black + Red = Burgundy

Ah well. The new kitchen floor is ordered. More money spent.

In other news, my computer is broken. Kaputt. Bozuk. FUBAR.

Right on time, I'd say, and it doesn't look like it is going to be fixed with a few new parts...

So what. We'll survive. Though our bank account may not, but that's a different matter all together.

Anyway, the kitchen by now looks like we're planning major changes:

The red in the middle of the image is the one we're heading for, for the few places where the walls will still be visible after all the cupboards have moved in.

We'll have white fronts, wooden workboards and said red walls. Oh, and this utterly cool floor:

'burgundy' linoleum, producer's product information

It doesn't look even half as striking online as it does in real life, unfortunately. But the two colors are quite clear and contrasted and sparkle in sunlight, but give a calm impression when seen as a whole floor.

Actually that is the one thing I am most curious about to see how it looks in the finished version. All else I feel I can imagine right fine, but the floor...

Enough rambling for today, gotta nag the poor people charged with repairing my computer.

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