21 September 2008

Tea and cookies

For obvious reasons, there will be no recipe this week. At least, none of mine. There is no kitchen, and I am admittedly not too good at cooking with only a microwave.

But the weather is lovely, and so I went out and had tea and cookies in the garden.

And these actually are the famous (or should I say notorious?) New York Times chocolate chip cookies.

They are lovely. I think they are totally adorable. The wife hates them. Well, I think you can't have everything.

Over at Orangette, the equally adorable Molly has a perfect article covering these little delights, maybe you go and have a look at her take on the NYT-ccc's. I promise they are worth the attention.

And to see you off into another week, here's a little bit of the last sunlight I caught today:

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