29 August 2009

I'll start considering

Somehow, the more bread and rolls and cakes and stuff I make myself (as opposed to buying it at a bakery), the more of it my family seems to be eating...

I mean, seriously, are the bakeries in Germany that bad? They shouldn't be.

Admittedly, their bread goes dry in a day and moldy in two, which mine doesn't manage in a week. But still. Just saying.

I just realized how little we buy at the bakery these days. An occasional piece of pastry when I'm in the mood, nothing else. And I really don't miss anything.

It's only two weeks ago that I made a whole batch of raisin buns, and they're all gone already. Making new ones today.

As soon as our neighbours start asking me for bread, I'll start considering a career change.


Danielle said...

you must be doing something right / better! nothing worse than stale or moldy bread.

Reuben Morningchilde said...

Thanks, Danielle!
Basically, I think the main difference is time. My raisin buns proof for full 24hrs, my chiabbatas for 48. No bakery would take that time, I assume.
I am just surprised how much of a difference it actually makes.

Wic said...

Not only I am sure that your breads are the prettiest and best tasting, but also most of the German bakeries are not doing much. They open the bags add water and bake it.
If you want a good bread you have either to go to a bio-bakery or buy your bread from a farmer.

Reuben Morningchilde said...

@ Wic - you flatterer! Living in Kassel it is rather hard to find a decent farmer baking his own bread, and actually it was my favourite organic bakery that casued me to pick up baking my own bread by discontinuing my favourite. But being able to bake your own bread is very cool and somehow liberating, empowering.