06 August 2009


The peaches are ripe!

Admittedly, peaches grow and ripen all over the world, every year, so basically it's no big news.

But these are the peaches in our garden, and considering that we live in a corner of Germany that for good reason is called 'Hessian Siberia', this is a small miracle indeed.

There's a bowl of them standing right on my desk, filling the room with their sweet scent, all of them still warm from the evening sun. So very lovely.


Danielle said...

that is one beautiful peach! I have a small peach tree that grew by accident in my front yard. Unfortunately the squirrels get to them before I can.

Reuben Morningchilde said...

Living in southern california must be great if it's a place where peach trees grow wild.
We don't have a problem with squirrels here (those few we have are actually pretty adorable), but instead we live in a city with almost as many racoons as inhabitants.

As it's the first year our peach tree carries fruit, I have no idea if the racoons will become a problem, but usually they will be busy stealing our neighbour's grapes, so the little monsters should be busy and well fed - I hope.

Shiao-Ping 小蘋 said...

I love the color! And the sweet scent fills my mind!